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  • Petrochemical enterprises / Plastic recycling

    Recently, with the accident or suspected environmental law violations of the frequent, more and more old oil, petrochemical equipment to accept public supervision and review. Last month, multinational oil and petrochemical companies Exxon Mobil and Shell in Scotla......

  • Made in China / Plastic recycling

    As we all know, the second industrial revolution, the British to achieve from the traditional agricultural society to modern industrial society, an important change in the history of capitalism is an important stage in the history of capitalism. At present, China&......

  • Import Plastic / Plastic recycling

    China’s official notification on July 18, the world trade organization (WTO), said the end of this year to start will no longer receive foreign garbage, including waste plastics, paper, waste slag, and textiles.The ban will take effect at the end of 2017.  B......

  • Export Plastic Film / Plastic film recycling

    Recently, the reporter in Hangzhou Bay Shangyu Economic and Technological Development Zone interview to see, Zhejiang Kai Cheng New Materials Co., Ltd. related infrastructure is in full swing in progress. According to reports, Zhejiang Kaili New Materials Co., Ltd......

  • Banned the import of plastic waste / Plastic Recycling

    Market rumors that China may ban or strictly limit the import of recycled materials, and waste plastics may bear the brunt of this, the United States a recycling association that will increase concern. At the press conference on June 13, the Waste Recycling Indust......

  • Waste plastic illegal processing of serious pollution / Plastic recycling

    Recently, Cixi City Guanhaiwei town comprehensive law enforcement team members in the daily inspection to get clues, Wang Ye a residential area may exist waste plastic crushing and processing. To this end, law enforcement officers through the multi-day stay in the......

  • Plastic Machine Export To Vietnam

    According to China Customs statistics, from January to May 2010, China’s imports of plastic presses 9005 units, down 28.0%; imports amounted to 639.77 million US dollars, up 7.8%; exports 262080 units, an increase of 20.2%; export amount of 807.79 million US......

  • Food grade plastic / plastic recycling

    Recently, the European Union Official Gazette (OJ) has issued a revised Regulation (EU) 2017/752 of the Plastics Regulations (EU) 10/2011 in contact with foodstuffs. This is the seventh revision of (EU) No10 / 2011, and six additional substances are authorized, an......

  • Plastic Machine Export to Bangladesh

    From January to May in 2017, China imported 2802 sets of injection molding machines, up 39.0% year on year and the amount of imports was US $ 304.2 million, up by 39.9% year on year. Exports were 10,251 units, down 10.3% year on year. The export value was US $ 442......

  • Plastic Granule Export

    Kai Tai Research Center predicts that in 2017 Thailand’s total exports of plastic aggregates is expected to be similar to last year’s 5.9 million tons, the total export value of about 79.50-815 billion US dollars, an increase of 3.2-5.8%, benefiting fr......

  • Plastic Machine In Thailand

    Data show that although the development of the plastics industry in Thailand is limited, but in the past 10 years, investment in plastic equipment has reached more than 1 billion US dollars, plastic machinery market prospects are optimistic. In order to continue t......

  • Plastic Machinery in 2017

    2017 1 to May China’s plastic machinery manufacturing scale above 396 enterprises, in April the major economic indicators year on year growth rate slightly slowed down, the chain has declined in the case of May to achieve full and rapid growth, the month of ......

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