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  • Plastic Bottled Water Will Be Eliminated / Plastic recycle

    According to the British “Guardian” reported on August 23, located in London’s Borough Market (BoroughMarket) plans in the next six months, launched a free drinking water supply point to phase out the disposable plastic bottles. According to repo......

  • BOPET Film / Plastic Film Recycling Machine

    According to Chinese plastic film tracking data show that China’s domestic BOPET ordinary film prices experienced ups and downs since the end of 2016 since the ups and downs, BOPET market supply and demand has not yet achieved symmetry, cash flow processing ......

  • Bioplastics market / Plastic recycling machine

    Bioplastics refers to the plastic that is formed from natural substances such as starch.It is renewable and therefore very environmentally friendly.At present, many countries have carried out relevant researches. There are reports that the global market for biopla......

  • Plastic Consumption Season

    Into the third quarter, with the plastic market inventory and the macroeconomic situation turned for the better, plastic futures prices rose from low to 10,000 points near the integer mark, although there was a recent callback, but we believe that short-term conti......

  • Plastic raw materials industry / Plastic Recycling Machine

    Italian plastics and rubber processing machinery and mold industry association Amaplast president AlessandroGrassi said the plastic, plastic raw materials industry has gradually returned to the pre-2008 level of economic crisis, predict the plastic, plastic raw ma......

  • Polyolefin market / Plastic recycling machine

    PP market today, the majority of maintenance, futures continued to run low on the spot trading pressure to suppress some of the general materials under pressure 50-100 yuan / ton, the transaction was flat. August after the brief rise in the polyolefin market stuck......

  • Plastic enterprises in Saudi Arabia / Plastic recycling machinery

    Guangzhou, China – Saudi Arabia sent a delegation to attend the China international rubber show this year, attracting global plastics processing enterprises to enter Saudi Arabia, hoping to realize the economic diversification, as the country’s massive......

  • Plastic Machine In Iran / Plastic recycle machine

    According to the German plastics and rubber machinery trade group VDMA report released recently, the China plastics machinery enterprises is one of the main multinational suppliers in Iran. Iran in 2016, a total of imported $273.4 million worth of plastic rubber m......

  • Plastic bag machine / Plastic bag recycle machine

    At present, with the foreign plastic bag machine machinery demand continues to increase, will give the domestic plastics industry what kind of impact? According to reports: the current demand for plastic machinery in Vietnam opened a new business opportunities, wh......

  • Plastic machinery profit / Plastic recycling machine

    According to the China plastics machinery industry association latest statistics, the first half of 2017 China plastics machinery manufacturing enterprises above designated size 399, from the overall situation, affected by the positive policy and the promotion of ......

  • Plastic Machine Export / Plastic granulator machine

    2017 in the first half of China’s plastic machinery manufacturing scale of 399 enterprises, from the overall situation, the impact of favorable policies and industrial restructuring, the press industry continues to improve the trend, to maintain rapid growth......

  • Standard Plastic Film / Plastic film recycle machine

    Not long ago, the Twelfth National People’s Congress Standing Committee 28th meeting on the “People’s Republic of China Soil Pollution Prevention Law (Draft)” for the first instance. National People’s Congress representative Chen Shu ......