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  • 3 Applications of Waste Plastic Recycling

    By means of introducing latest design from Europe and absorbing customers’ valuable advice, our technical design and manufacturing has been improved a lot! QUANTAI is professional in R& D, manufacturing and sales for plastic granulator, double stage plastic pe......

  • Plastic Box Eergency Selter

    Plastic box emergency shelter “by the Department of Architecture of the Lebanese American University junior design, located in Byblos campus students in accordance with the model in 1: 1 ratio to form architectural students tutor richard douzjian the ordinar......

  • Meet Us in 2016 CHINAPLAS (W3R01)

    2016 CHINAPLAS will be held in Shanghai during 25-28th April. QUANTAI will exhibit and run ML-65/33 one-stage Vertical Water Ring Pelletizing Line. Applicable materials: PE,PP films/raffia/bags/Non woven fabrics, BOPP printed/metallized film This small machine is ......

  • ML Series Plastic Pelletizing Machine with Compactor

    QUANTAI supplies plastic granulating machine, plastic granulator, plastic pelletizing line, film granulator, plastic washing machine, plastic recycling machine. ML series pelletizing lines are our best seller. Applications:  Applicable plastic materials: PE, HDPE,......

  • Stock Machine for Sale

    Machine model: ML85/33 one-stage Vertical Water Ring Pelletizing Line Applicable materials: PE,PP film/raffia/non woven fabrics/BOPP printed film Output capacity: PE 120-200kg/hr, PP 100-150kg/hr guaranteed Screw diameter: 85mm L/D= 33:1 Heating: Aluminum heaters ......

  • Foreign Trade to Boost after March

    China’s foreign trade will steady and improve after March, recovering from an alarming nosedive so far this year, according to the Ministry of Commerce (MOC). Exports in dollar-denominated terms were more than 25 percent lower in February from a year earlier......

  • Don’t Waste Your Waste

    According to statistics, the use of 260 million tons of plastic a year, of which 170 million tons a one-time use. People of this material is very lightweight and convenient fascinated plastics filled in every corner of life.If all the world’s plastic waste c......

  • Widely used in plastics PP

    PolypropylenPolypropylene is the most common is generally translucent or transparent solid material which are not toxic, does not foul smell. But also a very high melting point, the melting point can reach 167 degrees. It’s just one kind of better performanc......

  • Learn to Manage the Packaging Wastes

    Foreign packaging wastes are always under a strong management and controlling, let’s learn something more about it. Features: 1) highly compulsory Policy. Foreign packaging waste recovery systems are mandatory by law, highly emphasize producers’ responsibility, pr......

  • Biodegradable Plastics

    Fully biodegradable plastics: completely biodegradable plastics primarily made from natural high molecular polymer (such as starch, cellulose, chitin) or agricultural products having biodegradability obtained by microbial fermentation or synthetic, thermoplastic s......

  • Time To Upgrade from Spaghetti Pelletizer to Water Ring Pelletizer

    More and more customers tend to upgrade their old type Spaghetti type Pelletizer into Water Ring Pelletizer. Know why? 1.Compared with Spaghetti pelletizing line, Water Ring Pelletizing Line is space saving 2.Water Ring Pelletizing Machine is highly-automatic with......

  • China to Allow in More Foreign Investment in Service & Manufacturing

    China will further ease foreign investors’ access to service and high-end manufacturing sectors, Minister of Commerce Gao Hucheng said Sunday. Sectors of finance, education, culture and logistics will be opened wider to foreign capital, and restrictions on h......