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  • Time To Upgrade from Spaghetti Pelletizer to Water Ring Pelletizer

    More and more customers tend to upgrade their old type Spaghetti type Pelletizer into Water Ring Pelletizer. Know why? 1.Compared with Spaghetti pelletizing line, Water Ring Pelletizing Line is space saving 2.Water Ring Pelletizing Machine is highly-automatic with......

  • China to Allow in More Foreign Investment in Service & Manufacturing

    China will further ease foreign investors’ access to service and high-end manufacturing sectors, Minister of Commerce Gao Hucheng said Sunday. Sectors of finance, education, culture and logistics will be opened wider to foreign capital, and restrictions on h......

  • Two-child policy With Plastic

    China has gradually liberalized Two-Child Policy in recent years.more and more China family will have two children in the future.and we all know,Because of the demographic dividend,China economic develop rapidly in the last years,China’s population growth ra......

  • Engineering Plastics Future In Asia-Pacific

    The Chinese market drive the plastic market prosperity. According the market research report,in 2015–2020 year,Global engineering plastics market is expected to reach $ 97 billion,Market compound annual growth rate will reach 7.6%.Asia-Pacific region will be......

  • Waste water depurate system for plastic recycling machinery

    As for plastic washing line,all of us should know how to recycle and depurate the waste water from machine,the water can be used again and again.it is really a good way to save cost and protect environment.now we have two ways for your reference: 1.if you have eno......

  • How To Recycle High MFI Materials Into Granules

    As we all Know,High MFI(Melting Flow Index) Materials Have very good liquidity,and it is very difficult to bulid enough and steady pressure in the extrusion mould of plastic granulating machine.according our many years experience in plastic recycling field.we have......

  • Uneven Home Market Recovery

    Reducing housing inventories has been set as one of the five main goals of the supply-side structural reform program established at this year’s Central Economic Work Conference. Deputies attending this year’s National People’s Congress have been ......

  • China rubber and plastic products factory price In January

    In January 2016, according to China’s national bureau of statistics, China’s producer prices fell 0.5%, fell 5.3% year on year.Industrial producers purchase prices fell 0.7%, fell 6.3% year compare last year. Statistics show that in January 2016 China ......

  • Successful Machine Test Run for Metallized BOPP film

    Today our company QUANTAI Machinery succeeded in recycling industrial waste Metallized BOPP film into uniform granules by ONE-STAGE machine! As we all know, BOPP film are very difficult to be recycled, expecially Metallized film. QUANTAI is a professional machiner......

  • Plastic Recycling

    According to statistics, every year about 14 million tons waste plastics are not recycled, recycling rate is only about 25%, and waste resources up to 28 billion Yuan(RMB) / year. Our country is a big country of consumption of plastic, all kinds of used plastic pa......

  • About Plastic Granulating Machine Screw Current Overload Problem

    We think some new clients receive plastic pelletizing machine which they bought,and most them don’t know how to run the extruder steady,now let us talking about Screw Current Overload Problems. When clients got the machine in factory,we think all of them wan......

  • Application of Parallel Twin Screw Extruder (granulating extrusion line)

    QUANTAI Machinery also manufactures twin screw extruders for granulating extrusion. Application of Parallel Twin Screw Extruder: Filling modification: calcium carbonate, talc, barium sulfate, titanium dioxide, ceramic powders, wood / plant fiber, other inorganic f......