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  • About Extruder Hydraulic Screen Changer Several Problems

    Extruder Hydraulic Screen Changer,as we all know that the screen changer can remove almost impurity in the melt plastic materials,like paper,sand.because these impurity melting point are different,and they will stuck the extrusion mould holes.it will affect machin......

  • Plastic Recycling Field In 2016

    In 2016,we predict that China buyers will reduce importing waste plastic,and they will increase domestic demand.and the new plastic price will continue decreasing,and it will affect recycling plastic market seriously.Analyst believe it is difficult year for recycl......

  • New Cargo Train Service Links China and Russia

    A cargo train with 47 containers holding Chinese-made goods left Harbin for Russia Saturday, marking the opening of a new freight route between the two countries. The new route links Harbin, capital of northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province, with RussiaR......

  • About QUANTAI Long Company Name

    Our company full name is ZHANGJIAGANG CITY QUANTAI PLASTICS & RUBBER MACHINERY CO., LTD. While this long name always make jokes on us. Some customers only write main part of our company name when transferring the payment, which cause headache to us. Our bank......

  • Plastic Bag harmness and recycling

    Due to the large plastic bags are made of Non-renewable materials, and it can’t be easilydegraded by natural microorganisms, and it can’t be separated in the natural environment in long-term. Harmess: 1. Affect agricultural development. 2. It is threat......

  • About Agricultural Film Recycling

    Farmers used to use LDPE film to cover plants to keep warm and ensure their healthy growth in winter, while few farmers know how to recycle the waste dirty films.In this case, leading to white pollution. Our company QUANTAI Machinery mainly dedicated to agricultur......

  • Water Ring Die Face Pelletizing Machine

    More and more customers turn to buy new machines with Water Ring Die Face Pelletizing system to replace the old type Strand pelletizing line. Today we’d like tell some advantages of Water ring pelletizing system. 1)highly-automatic, no worry about plastic st......

  • Nylon Recycling Granulating Machine–from QUANTAI Machinery

    QUANTAI Plastics & Rubber Machinery has much experience in manufacturing Nylon/PA recycling granulating machines. Nowadays many investors are interested in recycling nylon from waste tires. We just got a good news from our customer, who said our machine ML100/......

  • We are Quantai Plastic Machinery

    QUANTAI PLASTICS & RUBBER MACHINERY CO., LTD locates in Zhangjiagang city, which takes 2 hours by car from Shanghai. Our company is specialized in manufacturing plastic recycling granulating machines and related auxiliary equipments. Based on more than 16 year......

  • What does QUANTAI manufacture?

    QUANTAI MACHINERY mainly manufacturers various of plastic recycling and granulating machines. For example, PE/PP film/bag/raffia/multifilament recycling and granulating machine, highly printed BOPP film/Metallized film recycling and pelletizing machine, Crushed f......

  • 2016 CHINAPLAS booth:W3R01 –See our machine running!

    Getting back from Chinese New Year Holiday, QUANTAI got new orders from our old customers! Now QUANTAI is preparing to attend 2016 CHINAPLAS Exhibition on April 25-28th.  Our booth number: W3R01. We’ll exhibit the smallest model of film pelletizing machine which ......

  • Force Feed Plastic Pelletizing Machine

    This QT-SJ series plastic granulating machine is mainly applied to pelletize Crushed (rigid) materials, bottle flakes & agglomerated films, etc. This type pelletizing line has special screw design, effective degassing and filter (Hydraulic screen changer) syst......