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  • Disable plastic bags / Plastic bag recycling machine

    Chilean President Michelle Bachelet announced on Sept. 21 that it is expected to cancel the use of plastic bags in all coastal areas within a year, according to the South American newspaper network. In recent years, about 60 Chilean cities have banned the use of p......

  • China ban imports “foreign garbage” / Plastic recycling machine

    British media said China decided to ban imports from the end of 2017, including some of the country, including recyclable waste products. According to the British Broadcasting Corporation website on September 21 quoted the “Times” reported that China&#......

  • Waste plastic is prohibited / Plastic recycle

    A trade official in Geneva told Sina Finance that the five major trade groups in the United States, the European Union, Australia, Canada and South Korea questioned China’s ban on “foreign rubbish” at the relevant meeting of the WTO Import Licens......

  • Plastic Bottle / Plastic recycle machine

    Lift the beach, we first think of is clear water blue sky, think of the golden sand stall, think of the colorful shells, think of graceful posture, but in this world, there is such a beach, it and Our imagination is very different, do not believe it? At the local ......

  • China plastics demand growth / Plastic recycling machine

    According to Reuters news, China has been in the fast-growing demand for plastics may be further increased, because the government plans to ban the import of waste plastics by the end of this year, which will inhibit the domestic plastics recycling industry. The i......

  • PET levies anti – dumping duties / PET recycling machine

    According to “Plastics News” reported that the United States four manufacturers accused of imports from Brazil, Indonesia, South Korea, Pakistan and China Taiwan PET resin in the United States for low-priced dumping, the US industry caused significant ......

  • Unlicensed production will be strictly investigated / Plastic recycling machine

    State Council notice: October 1, undocumented production will be strictly punished! In other words, undocumented enterprises, you must be in September to the needs of the card are good, and not simply do EIA, buy environmental protection equipment, installation of......

  • Private oil enterprises / Plastic recycling

    To China’s body weight, one by one can do an industry pull down the altar. Such as the oil refining industry, just to a small amount of private enterprises to relax, on the global crude oil and refined oil flow caused a profound impact, Japan and South Korea......

  • Prohibited the import of waste plastic / Plastic Recycling Machine

    This year in July, Shenzhen Customs in the area of ​​enterprise inspection process found that Cheng Cheng Plastic Co., Ltd. declared imports of 32 containers of waste plastics, but the goods did not actually transported to the company’s factory. This anomaly......

  • China Import Plastic Extruder

    In July, China’s extruder imports 76 units, up 5.6%, up 2.7%; imports amounted to 35.69 million US dollars, up 11.3%, up 116.2%; exports 999, down 11.9%, down 25.6% ; Export amount of 37.45 million US dollars, an increase of 8.3%, the chain fell 8.3%. From J......

  • Plastic Pollution / Plastic recycling

    Published in the latest issue of “Science Progress” magazine, a study said that since the early 1950s, humans have produced 8.3 billion tons of plastic, most of which became waste, was placed in landfill or Scattered in the natural environment, causing......

  • Plastic pollution / Plastic Recycling

    Orb Media, a non-profit organization, worked with researchers at the State University of New York and the University of Minnesota to test 159 samples of drinking water in five continents and found that 83% of the tap water containing micro-plastic fibers, includin......