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  • What does QUANTAI manufacture?

    QUANTAI MACHINERY mainly manufacturers various of plastic recycling and granulating machines. For example, PE/PP film/bag/raffia/multifilament recycling and granulating machine, highly printed BOPP film/Metallized film recycling and pelletizing machine, Crushed f......

  • 2016 CHINAPLAS booth:W3R01 –See our machine running!

    Getting back from Chinese New Year Holiday, QUANTAI got new orders from our old customers! Now QUANTAI is preparing to attend 2016 CHINAPLAS Exhibition on April 25-28th.  Our booth number: W3R01. We’ll exhibit the smallest model of film pelletizing machine which ......

  • Force Feed Plastic Pelletizing Machine

    This QT-SJ series plastic granulating machine is mainly applied to pelletize Crushed (rigid) materials, bottle flakes & agglomerated films, etc. This type pelletizing line has special screw design, effective degassing and filter (Hydraulic screen changer) syst......

  • Plastic Film,Woven Bag,Raffia Bag,Lump,Pipe and plastic waste Shredder

    Our company has successfully developed the automatic shredder units for large diameter plastic tubing . This shredder unit has a high degree of automation and high production efficiency .Users can recycle the large diameter plastic waste ,pipes and material econom......

  • Plastic-Bottle
    Our country is strongly urge the plastic recycling granulator industry’s development and transformat

    Automobil plastic net news: as plastic chemical raw material prices rising with the development of economy, countries in recent years are strongly urged plastic recycling granulator industry’s development and transformation. And the huge market demand, also ......

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