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  • Plastic Pollution / Plastic recycling

    Published in the latest issue of “Science Progress” magazine, a study said that since the early 1950s, humans have produced 8.3 billion tons of plastic, most of which became waste, was placed in landfill or Scattered in the natural environment, causing......

  • Plastic pollution / Plastic Recycling

    Orb Media, a non-profit organization, worked with researchers at the State University of New York and the University of Minnesota to test 159 samples of drinking water in five continents and found that 83% of the tap water containing micro-plastic fibers, includin......

  • Injection Machine Pollution / Plastic Machine

    The hazards of oil pollution to the system are as follows: 1. Component contamination wear Solid particles into the movement of the gap, the parts of the surface to produce cutting wear or fatigue wear. The solid particles in the high-speed liquid flow cause erosi......

  • PET Plastic Material / Plastic recycling

    The recycling and processing of waste polyester waste plastics and waste textiles can produce chemical fibers that are comparable to raw material quality and differentiated and functional new fibers. By the end of 2016, China’s actual production of recycled ......

  • China Plastic products export / Plastic recycling machine

    According to the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China, the total import and export value of China’s goods trade reached 15.46 trillion yuan (the same below) in the first seven months of this year, an increase of 18.5% ove......

  • PE Price / PE Plastic Recycling Machine

    China’s imports of polyethylene prices from the end of June rose that outstanding performance, part of the level is close to the annual highs to low-pressure film and low-pressure hollow performance of the most prominent. According to the data, as of August ......

  • Plastic products / Plastic recycling machine

    According to the latest statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics, China’s industrial added value increased by 6.4 percent from the same period in July to July, and 1.2 percentage points lower than that in June. From the chain to see, in July, above-sc......

  • Bioplastics / Plastic recycling machine

    Biological plastic refers to the starch and other natural substances based on the role of microorganisms generated under the plastic. It is renewable, so very environmentally friendly. At present, many countries have carried out relevant research. It is reported t......

  • Food grade plastic / Plastic recycling machine

    Recently, the EU Official Gazette has issued a revised regulations (EU) 2017/752 of the Plastics Regulations (EU) 10/2011 in contact with foodstuffs, adding six additional substances to use substances, adding new metal nickel migration restrictions, and further cl......

  • Plastic beads / Plastic recycling machine

    New Zealand Assistant Environment Minister Scott Simpson said in a statement that New Zealand will adjust its previous production and sales ban on personal care products with plastic beads, from July 2018 to 2018 month. At the same time, extend the scope of the ba......

  • Plastic Raw Materials Price / Plastic recycling

    Raw material prices, affecting all walks of life in China, the plastics industry has not been spared. A large number of small and medium enterprises in this wave of downtime, closure, the plastics industry usher in a new round of reshuffle. As small and medium ent......

  • Plastic Bottled Water Will Be Eliminated / Plastic recycle

    According to the British “Guardian” reported on August 23, located in London’s Borough Market (BoroughMarket) plans in the next six months, launched a free drinking water supply point to phase out the disposable plastic bottles. According to repo......