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Dryer And Mixer

Description for vertical plastic mixer dryer

The Plastic mixer is widely used in mixing, drying, coloring all kinds of resin such as PVC, PP, PE.

Feature for vertical plastic mixer dryer

1. Stir vanes and barrels are made of stainless steel

2. Stir vanes are convenient to be loaded and unloaded  easy to be cleaned

3. Close stirring, safe and reliable

4. Complete mixing in a short time

5. Timer is equipped to adjust mixing time freely

6. Material tank and propeller blades are made of stainless steel, eliminating rust corrosion and easy to wash

7. The frame is of framework design, solid and durable

8.Propeller is wholly processed after welding, with high concentricity and steedy operation

9.The standing operation allows little space

10. Mixing in a sealed manner, uniform mixing and no leakage definitely


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