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Food grade plastic / Plastic recycling machine

Recently, the EU Official Gazette has issued a revised regulations (EU) 2017/752 of the Plastics Regulations (EU) 10/2011 in contact with foodstuffs, adding six additional substances to use substances, adding new metal nickel migration restrictions, and further clarifying the full migration Of the food simulants, and to clarify the details of the previous regulations and to amend some of the terms.
There are five main changes to this revision (EU) 2017/752:
1. Revise and add the list of authorized substances in Table 1 of Appendix I, delete the Notes “1” for the verification of certain substances, and add six substances to be used for authorization;
Second, for the new substances α-tocopherol acetate, add notes “The substance or its hydrolyzate is allowed to use food additives, should verify that it meets the requirements of regulation 11, point 3”;
Third, the new Annex II part of the nickel migration limit. Specified nickel limits of 0.02 (mg / kg food or food mimetic);
Fourth, the revised further clarification is expected to contact all kinds of food contact food products in full migration test designated food simulant;
5, the (EU) 2011/10 Annex IV Declaration of Conformity should include information in the “food contact surface area and volume ratio” with “the most stringent food contact surface area and volume ratio”;
From the new regulations can be seen, the EU food contact products, heavy metal standards more stringent requirements, especially in the plastic products to increase the nickel migration limit.

The EU’s stringent requirements for heavy metals for food contact products are becoming increasingly stringent, particularly in plastic products with increased nickel migration limits
It is well known that nickel is a common metal element that causes contact with allergies, and the presence of nickel in articles of metal rivets, buttons, zippers and metal cards that are in direct contact with the human body may cause allergies. The EU has been on the stainless steel products and other metal products in contact with the nickel products have strict requirements, the increase in the amount of nickel in food-grade plastic products, which will undoubtedly bring more stringent product testing of export enterprises Claim.
The implementation of the new regulations and constantly updated upgrades will force enterprises to speed up the establishment of a sound quality assurance system and pay a higher detection costs. In view of this, the inspection and quarantine departments to remind the relevant food contact products export enterprises, the EU (EU) 10/2011 regulations are the EU’s most stringent and most important food-grade plastic products regulations, companies should follow the latest regulatory developments in the product design stage to mass production Stage to conduct a scientific safety assessment, as soon as possible to ensure that the relevant products meet the new regulations, to avoid the quality of risk.
At the same time improve the quality of the process management system to strengthen the procurement of raw materials and key processes of dynamic regulation, focusing on increasing risk-sensitive material testing efforts to avoid the requirements of the importing country does not meet the return, to bear unnecessary losses.

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