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Injection Machine Pollution / Plastic Machine

The hazards of oil pollution to the system are as follows:
1. Component contamination wear
Solid particles into the movement of the gap, the parts of the surface to produce cutting wear or fatigue wear. The solid particles in the high-speed liquid flow cause erosion wear on the surface of the component. Oil and oil in the oil oxidation of deterioration of the product on the component corrosion.
2. Component blockage and jamming failure
Solid particles clog the gap and orifice of the hydraulic valve, causing the spool to block and jam, affecting work performance and even causing serious accidents.
3. Accelerate the deterioration of oil performance
The water and air in the oil are oxidized at high temperatures, and the metal particles in the oil play an important role in the oxidation of the oil. The water and suspended bubbles in the oil significantly reduce the strength of the oil film between the pair and reduce the lubrication performance.
First, the type of pollutants

Solid contaminants: can be divided into hard pollutants, including: diamond, cutting, silica sand, dust, wear metal and metal oxides; soft pollutants are: additives, water aggregates, oil decomposition products and polymers and Maintenance of cotton yarn, fiber.
Liquid contaminants: usually do not meet the system requirements of the grouting oil, water, paint and chlorine and its halide, etc., is usually difficult to remove, so the choice of hydraulic oil to select the system standard hydraulic oil, to avoid some unnecessary failure.
Gaseous pollutants: mainly mixed into the air in the system. These particles are too small to precipitate down, suspended in the oil, and finally pushed into the gap of the various valves, for a reliable injection molding machine hydraulic system, these gaps are neat, to achieve limited control, importance And accuracy is extremely important.
Second, the source of pollutants
The source of pollutants in the system of oil mainly in the following areas:
External invasive pollutants: closely related to the use of the environment, mainly in the atmosphere of gravel or dust, usually through the fuel tank stoma, cylinder seal shaft, pump and motor equiaxial invasion system.
Internal contaminants: Components in the processing, assembly, commissioning, packaging, storage, transportation and installation of residual pollutants, some special components in the assembly and commissioning need to clean room or clean bench in the environment, with a view to improving The
Contamination of the hydraulic system of the injection molding machine: the particles produced by the system during the operation due to the wear of the components, the metal particles falling off from the sand, the pump, the valve and the joint, the rust in the pipe, Liquid oxidation and decomposition of the particles and colloids, more serious is the system before the official operation of the pipeline has not been washed and a lot of impurities.
Third, the system maintenance
A system in the formal input before the general have to be washed to remove residual pollutants in the system, metal chips, fiber compounds, iron, etc., it is recommended to clean the system according to the following steps:
1) Clean the tank with a dry cleaning solvent and remove the solvent residue with filtered air.
2) Wash the system all piping, in some cases need to pipe and joints for impregnation.
3) Install the oil filter in the pipeline to protect the oil supply line and pressure line of the valve.
4) Install a flush plate on the current collector instead of a precision valve, such as an electrohydraulic servo valve.
5) Check that all pipe sizes are appropriate and the connection is correct.
If the system uses electro-hydraulic servo valve, the servo valve flushing plate to make oil from the oil supply line to the collector, and directly return to the tank, so that the oil can be repeated circulation to flush the system, so that oil filter Filter out the solid particles, rinse the process, every 1 to 2 hours to check the oil filter to prevent the oil filter is blocked by contaminants, this time do not open the bypass, if the oil filter began to plug immediately change oil filter.
The cycle of rinsing is determined by the structure of the system and the degree of contamination of the system. If the sample of the filter medium is not or has very little contaminant, install a new oil filter, remove the flush plate, install the valve work!
Planned maintenance: the establishment of regular maintenance system system, the injection molding machine hydraulic system better maintenance system recommendations are as follows:
1) Check and replace oil filter for up to 500 hours or three months.
2) Regularly flush oil pump inlet oil filter.
3) check the hydraulic oil is contaminated, the smell of hydraulic oil can be roughly identified whether the deterioration.
4) to repair the system in the leak.
5) Ensure that no extraneous particles enter the tank from the tank’s vent cover, the oil filter plug, the return gasket of the oil return line, and the other opening of the tank.

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