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ionic membrane / Plastic Film recycling machine

Recently, a reporter walked into the huaianke membrane material co., LTD., jinbei industrial zone, jinbei district, where a few workers are producing a product similar to plastic wrap.Do not underestimate this “small film”, each square metre price up to 6000 yuan.Not to be underestimated, the founder of the company, Yang dawei, is a young man who has become a leader in the country’s science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship. 

It all started from scratch.After graduating from the chemical engineering and technology major of China mining university in 2006, Yang came to a central enterprise to design the ion membrane electrolyzer.In his work, he found that almost all components of the ionic membrane electrolytic cell can be made domestically, but the core material of the ionic membrane is 100% dependent on imports and is expensive. 

A lot of people is a stranger to “ionic membrane”, but it is closely related with people’s life is, in the chlor-alkali industry, has been widely applied in the fields of new energy industry, there is no substitute of one of the key components, but the import substitution rate has been very low. 

At that time, da-wei Yang 23 years old, just have a job in less than a year, as with fall of the patriotic heart young teenagers and newborn calves are not afraid of tigers, naturally produces the idea of developing domestic ionic membrane.In 2008, Yang dawei quit his business to start a business with a former colleague and a college student to launch Beijing zhaogrun science and technology co., LTD., and devote himself to the development of domestic ionic membrane. 

However, the national organization has not been successful in the production of products for decades, can it be developed easily? 

At the end of 2009, Yang dawei and his friends finally relied on a rudimentary device to develop a large ionic membrane.It is just semi-finished samples to industrial application, while the research and development have been using it, the partners one by one to leave the company, he was left a “command”.After another year of hard work, Yang dawei finally made the big ionic membrane of a square meter, which means that it can be applied to industrialization.Then he made a decision to go back to his hometown to start his own business.Therefore, there is huaian kam film material co., LTD., which is also the first factory in China to specialize in the industrialization of perfluorine ion membrane. 

The beginning is only a small workshop, the employee is only him and father two people, the main production specification is 60 centimeters times the ion membrane of 60 centimeters, supply to small and medium energy storage battery manufacturer.The company made more than 700,000 yuan in the first year and gained more than 1 million yuan in the second year. 

The problem of survival has been solved, and the “sequela” of the cottage industry has become increasingly prominent — the product quality is difficult to control.Yang was aware of the need for new technologies and support.He established a cooperative relationship with a team from xiamen university, and jointly studied the production of ionic membranes using the method of flow and extension.Over a period of three years, more than 1,000 days and nights, Yang dawei and his team members tested more than 1,800 recipes, averaging two recipe tests a day.That’s how you get to the point where you find three recipes you can use. 

In 2014, huaian kernel membrane material co., LTD. Cooperation with xiamen university developed international pioneered “equiflux perfluorinated ion exchange membrane stretch membrane technology”, designed to create China’s first set of LiuYanFa ionic membrane production line, the application of the technology and equipment in the production of “energy storage battery with high strength composite perfluorinated ion exchange membrane” in the electrochemical and mechanical properties are reaching or higher than similar imported products, filled the domestic blank, broke the United States, Japan, big enterprise in the field of technology monopoly. 

Yang said he insisted on going to this day without the crucial moment of government.In 2014, the most difficult time for the company was to develop the production line and the product.“There was a south Korean company that wanted to buy our patent, and if it wasn’t for the $6 million in the science and technology transfer project, we would have sold the patent.”‘it was the $6 million that put him through the pressure and built the production line,’ Mr. Yang said. 

Today, Yang dawei’s company is a high-tech enterprise with a modern factory of 5000 square meters and an annual production value of over 10 million yuan.With the continuous transformation of scientific research results, the company’s performance is booming.By the end of last year, the company’s net worth had risen from 200,000 yuan to more than 20 million yuan, with a total sales of more than 50 million yuan and a profit tax of more than 10 million yuan.

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