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Plastic Bottled Water Will Be Eliminated / Plastic recycle

According to the British “Guardian” reported on August 23, located in London’s Borough Market (BoroughMarket) plans in the next six months, launched a free drinking water supply point to phase out the disposable plastic bottles.
According to reports, there is a gourmet paradise, “said the Bo Le market is located near the London Bridge, an area of ​​51272 square feet (about 4763 square meters), including 114 vendors, is London’s oldest, largest and best quality food The wholesale market is also the only fully marketed market in London, and the Boer market is launching a free drinking water initiative to build it into the UK’s largest plastic gourmet shopping center.
The Bollywood market wants to ban plastic packaging, all environmentally friendly packaging (biodegradable or compostable packaging), to achieve zero landfill. Its overall purpose is to make all the garbage to make the best use.
At the same time, the Bo Le market also announced that it will gradually ban the sale of disposable plastic bottled water, including bottled water in the market and surrounding cafes and chain stores, and provide free drinking water, water from the new fountain.
Recently, the “Guardian” an activity revealed that the British daily plastic bottle trading volume of 38.5 million, of which only half of the recovery. And every day by landfill, burning or other ways to deal with the plastic bottles up to 16 million. Once in the ocean, these plastic bottles need up to 450 years to break down.
Darren Henaghan, general manager of the Boer market, said: “The good news is that people are increasingly aware of the health effects of drinking water, but more and more plastic bottles is a big trouble, not only We will be happy to take this step, and is committed to the Bo Le market to build the best environmentally friendly shopping in the UK, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, , And hope that other people can follow suit.
Lehman fountain in the market, visitors only a few short steps, you can enjoy free drinking water. Each fountain has two streams of water that can be consumed directly and can also be used to replenish the reusable cups. In addition, the Boer market also intends to use recycled plastic to produce refillable bottles, and sales in the stall. Recently, the relevant plan is ready.
The Boer market is known for its world food center and has a history of centuries. Every day, thousands of tourists come in, distributed in more than 100 shops and restaurants, tasting food from around the world. In addition, there are some traditional traders selling fruits and vegetables. However, a recent report by the Londonass emblyenvironment committee states that the number of garbage caused by disposable plastic bottles has been out of control. The report calls on the mayor to consider introducing a recycling program and offering free tap water.

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