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Plastic Film Woven Bag Raffia Bag Shredder

Application and Features

Plastic Film Woven Bag Raffia Bag Shredder mainly used for crushing packing belt tire,film,woven bag,fishing nets andother plastic waste utilization.The biaxial independent drive,Unique knife shaft structure and a four angle rotary knife,In the production process of high torque in low speed,No shaft winding,clamping device phenomenon,Improve production efficiency.


The main technical parameters

Shredder Model QT-600 QT-800 QT-1000 QT-1200 QT-1600
Diameter Rotary 255mm 255mm 300mm 300mm 300mm
Number Rotary 60pcs 78pcs 96pcs 114pcs 150pcs
Rotating Shaft Shredder 90rpm 90rpm 90rpm 90rpm 90rpm
Number of Fixed Knife 4pcs 4pcs 4pcs 8pcs 8pcs
Maximum yield 650㎏/h 900㎏/h 1000㎏/h 1200㎏/h 1500㎏/h
Feeding caliber 700mm×800mm 880mm×1100mm 1070mm×1150mm 1280mm×1300mm 1650mm×2000mm
Power of main motor 18.5KW×2 22KW×2 30KW×2 37KW×2 45KW×2
Host weight 4000㎏ 5400㎏ 6200㎏ 8000㎏ 9500㎏


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