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Plastic Machine Export To Vietnam

According to China Customs statistics, from January to May 2010, China’s imports of plastic presses 9005 units, down 28.0%; imports amounted to 639.77 million US dollars, up 7.8%; exports 262080 units, an increase of 20.2%; export amount of 807.79 million US dollars , An increase of 8.0%.
January-May, China’s imports and exports of plastic machinery trade surplus of 17002 US dollars.

Product statistics

From Figure 3, in addition to extruders and blow molding machines were 27.2% and 15.0% decline, the other three categories of products are varying degrees of rise, of which the highest increase in injection molding machine, 39.9%.

From the chart 4, in addition to the amount of extruder and blow molding machine decreased slightly, the other three categories of products have different degrees of growth, of which other molding machines and molding machines the largest increase, 38.7%.

Chart 5 statistics show that in January-May 2017 China’s five major categories of products in the import and export trade, only vacuum molding machine and other thermoforming machine has a trade deficit of 15.92 million US dollars, the other four categories of products are For the trade surplus, and the injection molding machine trade surplus more than 100 million US dollars.
Country statistics
Chart 6 data show that in January-May 2017, Japan is still the largest importer of Chinese presses, and the amount of more than 25 million US dollars. Although Germany to more than 160 million US dollars ranked second, but the amount of a substantial decline year on year.
China Taiwan, Italy, the United States, South Korea and other four countries or regions have a substantial increase in the amount of year on year. Austria, Switzerland, Croatia and other three countries the amount of imports also increased year on year.
According to statistics, the Swiss amount of the highest increase year on year, 183.1%.

Chart 7 statistics show that the United States continue to maintain the status of China’s largest export of presses, and a substantial increase year on year. India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Iran, South Korea and other five countries have different degrees of growth, of which Bangladesh increased the highest, 129.3%. Vietnam, Indonesia, Turkey, Mexico and other four countries, the amount of exports fell sharply year on year, of which Turkey’s decline reached 21.0%.

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