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Plastic pollution / Plastic Recycling

Orb Media, a non-profit organization, worked with researchers at the State University of New York and the University of Minnesota to test 159 samples of drinking water in five continents and found that 83% of the tap water containing micro-plastic fibers, including the US Capitol, and the Environmental Protection Agency in Washington, DC As well as the New York restaurant Trump Grill.
The National Public Radio (PRI) points out that if there are synthetic fibers in tap water, food that is prepared for all water, such as bread, pasta, soup and infant formula. But scientists do not know how these plastic fibers into the home water, the health effects have not yet confirmed.
Some people think that plastic fibers from the sweater and other clothes synthetic material, or like carpet and interior decoration of the fabric. Experts worry that these fibers will become the communicator of freshwater toxins, and finally into the human body. In animal experiments found that plastic will release chemical substances, especially the intestinal tract will accelerate the process.
And the study found that plastic pollution is no geographical differences in the New York Trump barbecue restaurant tap water found in the number of plastic particles and Ecuador’s capital Quito the same. Now the United States does not have a safety standard for plastics in drinking water, nor is it on the list of pollutants in the EPD. Researchers found 94 percent of the 33 water samples collected from the United States with plastic fibers, the same as the Belgian Beirut. Other sampling points have a plastic ratio of 82% in Delhi, India, 81% in Kampala, 76% in Jakarta, Indonesia, 75% in Ecuador and 72% in Europe.
There are 300 million tons of plastic every year, more than 40% of the plastic can only be used once, sometimes less than 1 minute to be discarded, but the plastic will exist in the environment for hundreds of years. A recent study estimated that since the 1950s, the world has produced more than 8.3 billion tons of plastic.
Researchers said the trillions of micro-plastics into the ocean surface, the survey found in Southeast Asia, East Africa and California market sales of fish have plastic fibers. Drinking water was plastic pollution has not yet reached a consensus, the Los Angeles government said the recent measurement did not find plastic or plastic decomposition substances, but Orb in Los Angeles, three of the three samples found plastic fibers. New York and Washington water resources management departments that the jurisdiction of water quality in line with federal standards.
Researchers at the University of Plymouth found that synthetic clothing will produce 700,000 fibers at a time. In the United States, wastewater treatment plants can filter more than half and the rest will flow into the waterways, with an estimated 6.4 million pounds of plastic microfibers flowing into the waters each day. Some experts believe that these fibers are absorbed by the downstream water supply system and flow into the family. Another source may be air, a study in 2015 estimated that every year 3 to 10 tons of synthetic fibers fall in Paris, the experts worry that the lake will inevitably suffer from plastic pollution in the air, which is why the remote areas are detected The reason why water is contaminated by plastic fibers.
Orb also found that Delhi and Jakarta and other places from the groundwater tap water also has plastic fibers, experts worry about whether the micro-plastic fiber is less than one-tenth of a millimeter, or plastic fiber has been through the transport and processing system into the water. If the plastic fibers in the water absorb the interference of endocrine chemicals, thus changing the human and wild animal Hormone system, then the risk of how much?
Columbia University environmental engineers believe that slowing down the wastewater treatment process can capture more plastic fibers, but it may also increase costs. There have been some clothing brands that are trying to improve the synthetic fiber, reducing the environmental fiber contamination. In addition, a new generation of washing machine filters have been available, can reduce the emissions of household fibers.
Researchers will send research results to scientific journals by the end of the year, but have paid great attention before the publication because scientists have only studied plastic pollution in the natural environment, such as lakes and oceans, and have never found tap water associated with human health There are also a lot of contaminating particles. Although the actual impact of plastic fiber on the human body has yet to be further confirmed, but the human survival of the air and water have plastic, it is a terrible thing.

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