In terms of the range of plastic recycling, plastic recycling can be divided into two categories: soft plastic recycling and hard plastic recycling. PP and PE waste hard plastics recycling occupy the majority of hard plastic recycling. This kind of hard plastics include plastic barrel, bottles, chairs, batteries, waste injection, etc.

In view of the uncertainty of the recycling method and storage state of the waste hard plastics, and the waste plastics contain various of impurities, such as: label paper, food residue, straw, wood chips, sand, and so on. In the recycling process, we must carefully consider matching recycling equipment different parts effectively, as well as energy consumption and circulating water flow rate. Ensure plastic product quality after washing to achieve the desired results, and ensure that the plastic moisture is less than 5%.

PP Hard Plastic Recycling Production Line 8

After continuous research and improve by our company, we have designed cleaning solutions according to our client’s actual material conditions. From the waste materials to the finally products processing, we always adhere high efficiency, energy saving and stability. Solve problems for customers and achieve mutual benefit and win-win.

We consult foreign advanced equipment technology, visit our customers’ factories, listen carefully to customers’ actual operating experience, digest and absorb the advanced concepts of the recycling industry, and combine the actual development of the waste plastics industry to continuously improve the design of equipment components, which can meet the domestic and international recycling plastics industry. Requirements and ability to meet the environmental policy of the local recycling industry.

The waste PP PE hard plastic washing and recycling production line mainly consists of Shredder, Crusher, Screw loader, Friction washer,Washing tank, Screw loader, Dewatering machine, Silo, and Electric Control Panel.

PP Hard Plastic Recycling Production Line

The whole production line has the characteristics of automation, high efficiency and low energy consumption from feeding to discharging. At the same time, according to the actual requirements of customers, plastics sink into water or floating on the water, we make the offer according to different plastic materials, to realize most reasonable and efficient washing and recycling. Besides, our company also provides plastic recycling granulation production lines, we design regranulation production line for different materials after washing, and the granulator is connected with the plastic washing line, to realize the integration of washing and granulation, effectively reducing the number of operators and improving production efficiency. Reduce energy consumption and working area.

Our company waste plastic washing production line can meet the EU standards and it is produced in strict accordance with national standards. We always adhere to the concept of high efficiency, stability and energy saving. To provide suitable production solutions for our customers, we can help our customers turn waste into treasure, create profits and achieve mutual benefit.
Our waste hard plastic crushing washing line has four different output, 300kg/h, 500kg/h, 800kg/h, 1000kg/h.

Please refer to the detailed parameters. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Consultation to achieve a win-win situation.

PP/PE Hard Plastic Recycling Production Line Design Scheme

Machine 300kg/h 500kg/h 800kg/h 1000kg/h
Belt Conveyor Non Non One Set One Set
Shredder Non Non One Set One Set
Belt Conveyor One Set One Set One Set One Set
Crusher One Set One Set One Set One Set
Screw Loader One Set One Set One Set One Set
Friction Washer One Set One Set One Set One Set
Screw Loader One Set One Set One Set One Set
Washing Tank One Set One Set One Set One Set
Screw Loader One Set One Set One Set One Set
Friction Washer Non Non One Set One Set
Screw Loader Non Non One Set One Set
High Speed Dewater One Set One Set One Set One Set
Blower One Set One Set One Set One Set
Silo One Set One Set One Set One Set
Electric Cabinet One Set One Set One Set One Set
Worker Two Workers Two Workers Three Workers Three Workers

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