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Waste plastic illegal processing of serious pollution / Plastic recycling

Recently, Cixi City Guanhaiwei town comprehensive law enforcement team members in the daily inspection to get clues, Wang Ye a residential area may exist waste plastic crushing and processing. To this end, law enforcement officers through the multi-day stay in the dark investigation, the basic find out the scene situation. Where the waste plastic processing dens hidden in the residential area, the door closed during the day, sneaky operations, outsiders can not easily enter, easy to be aware of.
To this end, Cixi City Guanhaiwei Town Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau of the joint view of the Haiwei Environmental Protection Branch, the town of environmental monitoring squadron strike, in one fell swoop destroyed illegal processing dens, confiscated a crusher, crushed material about 3 tons, destroyed the cleaning barrel, The environmental protection branch intervenes in the interview and enters the disposal procedure.
Like a similar processing point are hidden deep, and some even play a “time difference war”, rest during the day and night processing. In order to effectively prevent the illegal rebound in waste plastics processing, the town of comprehensive law enforcement and relevant departments of multi-sectoral joint, from time to time on the original waste plastic processing points, waste plastic key areas to carry out routine inspection and investigation to ensure that the investigation does not stay dead, High pressure situation.
At the same time, cut off the waste plastic transport links, strengthen the road control, into the town of waste plastic transport vehicles to investigate and deal with. Up to now, the cumulative ban on waste plastics processing households more than 40 times, destroyed the machinery and equipment 7, confiscated finished goods more than 20 tons, seized waste plastic transport vehicles 80 times.
Waste plastic illegal processing of serious pollution, serious damage to the vital interests of the masses, we will resolutely increase the crackdown, but also called for illegal waste plastics practitioners, do not have luck, be sure to timely transformation and upgrading of the industry.
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